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Millennia in the future, an interstellar war between the Zinethian Confederation and the Thrasik Empire has erupted leaving entire sectors a spaceship graveyard. Equipped with more advanced weaponry, the Zinethian Confederation is on the verge of winning the war, but all is not as it seems.

The fate of billions rests in the balance as ambitious scientists race to unlock a powerful secret, one that sets Captain Hector of the Thrasik warship Rhoube and his determined crew on a collision course with military governments, the empress, and his own past.


  • Battle with futuristic weapons using an evolved Active-Time-Battle system reminiscent of the classic Grandia series!
  • Devastate your enemies with the new Chain Command system!
  • Upgrade your ship and have full control as you navigate through asteroids and nebulae while fighting your way through entire fleets in destructive ship combat!
  • An epic sci-fi story that unfolds as you travel through the stars visiting various planets and beautifully-rendered regions of space
  • Experience a powerful and haunting soundtrack composed by various independent artists
  • Mini-games, optional areas, and much more!

Install instructions

Use WinRAR (or similar extraction program) to extract the archive's contents. After extraction, navigate to the game's folder and find the provided game's shortcut file you can move to your desktop to play the demo.


Sanctus Mortem DEMO 1.0

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